Looking for comedy writers? Comedy Writing is a staff of professional comedy, speech and presentation writers. Each associate has at least five years experience as a comedian, and at least ten years as a writer. Our clients include some of the top names in the entertainment industry, politics and the largest corporations in America. Television, radio, stage, corporate events, roasts, cartoons, jokes, speeches…we’ve done it all, and we’ve done it right!

Comedy Writing has professional comedy writers for hire — screenwriters, novelists, ghostwriters, stand-up comedy writers, book writers, and speech writers. We can add humor to your draft writing or write your project from scratch.

We offer:

  • Comedy Screenplays – movie scripts, TV series, short films
  • Stand-up Comedy
  • Funny Speeches
  • Books with Humor
  • Novels with funny characters and dialogue

Let me first introduce myself before we go into any further details. I’m John Halas. I used to live in Brooklyn, New York and was an eighth grade teacher. Man, were those kids hard to please! I decided to pursue my passion of comedy before I was completely drained of energy. Ever since then, I’ve been doing what I love — providing writing services for stand-up comedians and helping people write or add comedy to their screenplay, book, novel, video, or speeches.

TV Show Sitcoms and Comedy Movies

For humor, comedy screenwriters play a vital role. Keep in mind that a screenwriter was entrusted with composing a humorous script whenever you watch a funny TV series or movie. Only successful and talented comedy screenwriters are able to provide funny one liners and jokes. The most imperative piece of composing a comic drama content is creating intriguing and extremely funny characters.

One needs comprehensive understanding and knowledge of screenplay structure to write a funny TV sitcom or movie. As far as movies are concerned, the industry standard is set at 3-act structure. There’s a well-defined structure for sitcoms as well.  In any case, characters play an important role. The screenwriters at Comedy Writing are highly experienced and skilled at working on screenplay structure.

Stand-up Comedy Writing Services

Most comics don’t find writing stand up comedy easy. Being laughed at and dead silence are two experiences that almost every successful comedian has been through. Such incidents made them work even harder on their gestures, body language, timing and delivery. Generally, ghostwriters are hired by stand-up comedians.

The demand for the services we offer has greatly increased through the years. Therefore, we are now a team belonging to different backgrounds. As a team, we have created some amazing pieces for popular comedians.

Novels and Books

We can all agree on the fact that great humor makes a book a lot better. You enjoy reading it, which otherwise, would have been a boring or dull read. We can help you add humor by writing a book from scratch or editing your existing book.

Comedy Speeches, Presentations, Roasts

We can help make your speech, presentation, or roast sound more humorous, entertaining and interesting. We have had the pleasure of working with salespeople, businessmen, ministers, professors, teachers, and people who need to give a best man speech.

YouTube Videos, Online TV Shows, and Vlogs

Do you need to lighten up one of your videos? We can add comedy!